Moooove over, sugary beverages! There's a new drink in town – one that has more nutritional benefits and a taste kids and adults love.

Don't believe us? Take the TruMoo Switcheroo challenge and see the difference for yourself. Then say goodbye to empty calories and hello to a nutritiously delicious treat.


  1. 1) Select the drink you'd like to compare.
  2. 2) Select how many 8oz servings you'd like to Switcheroo, and if you'd like to see the total per day, per month or as the % daily value.
  3. 3) Hit the calculator button and prepare to be amazed!


Once you've seen how those empty-calorie,
sugar-filled drinks stack up against nutrition and calories in chocolate milk, we're sure you'll be ready to make the Switcheroo the next time you go grocery shopping. So be sure to see if there's a milk coupon available in your area before you head to the store

Compare TruMoo Chocolate Milk nutrition to other leading drink choices

How many 8oz servings per day would you like to SWITCHEROO?


Roll over each nutrient above to learn about the benefits and dietary reference intakes (DRI) for the average 10-year-old child.