Chocolate Milk

Chocolaty Taste Kids Want, Nutrition They Need

TruMoo Chocolate Milk is a nutritious snack that satisfies moms and kids alike. We add pure cocoa and just enough sugar to fresh, pure milk from your local dairy to create a chocolaty taste kids love, all with no high fructose corn syrup. And since it's packed with calcium and vitamins A & D, you can feel good giving your kids this delicious, nutritious treat every day.

Why is TruMoo the best chocolate milk for your kids?

TruMoo Chocolate Milk has been formulated to contain less added sugar and calories than previous chocolate milk formulas. It is sweetened with just enough sugar to supplement the naturally occurring sugar in milk (lactose). Studies show that adding this bit of sugar to nourishing food and drinks like milk encourages children and adolescents to consume the nutrients they need for a balanced diet at critical development stages.

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