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Halloween Tricks for Nutritious Treats

Fall is in full swing, and with nicer weather comes the fast-approaching holiday season. Halloween kicks off this time of year with creative costume making and party planning for the kiddos – festive, sugary sweets included. With the inevitable classroom parties, family gatherings and the night of trick-or-treating, it’s more important than ever that kids are getting the nutrition they need during their time spent at home. But since this is still a time for fun treats and ghoulish games, we have a few festive tips to keep the little ones on a healthy track.

Add seasonality to the regular routine

TruMoo® Chocolate Milk, while great for any day, is an especially excellent treat for Halloween. It has less sugar, fewer calories and no high fructose corn syrup – and it tastes great, too! Made with pure cocoa and just enough sugar, kids will love the chocolaty treat. To give TruMoo and other Halloween snacks even more fall flavor, try these tricks.

• Add a few dashes of seasonal spices like pumpkin and cinnamon to TruMoo Chocolate Milk.  Fall spices are a delicious way to turn any beverage into a nutritious Halloween drink. 

•Play around with these fun fall tastes in cookies, cakes and bread. Using more cinnamon or pumpkin instead of sugar helps make for more nutritious and delicious baked goods.

 Get creative with ghoulish shapes

Using fun shapes when serving something a little healthier is a great way to trick the kids into eating nutritious snacks. Try these sneaky tips and watch your kids dive into a healthy snack time.

•Dig up your festive cookie cutters and bring ‘em out for the holidays! With these, you can turn any healthified cookie dough or pumpkin bread into ghosts, goblins and gourds.

•Get creative with lunchtime bites. Try turning a sandwich into a sand”witch” and using celery, carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes to create a ghostly scene or skeleton body veggie tray.

•To get a full day of nutrition, offer beverage choices like TruMoo Chocolate Milk, which is high in calcium, protein and vitamin D, or serve up juices that are naturally fun colors but contain less sugar.

Color code for Halloween

Something as simple as using orange and black colors can make a dish more fun and festive – and whether you want to amp up the veggie intake, fruit helpings or calcium, there are so many ways to incorporate this trick!

•Make a carrot dip with olives or a black bean dip served with carrots and tomatoes.  This provides nutrients without taking away from the fun.

•Food coloring is your friend. Adding just a few drops to a light cream cheese dip will give it that Halloween excitement minus the extra calories.

•To keep your diet well rounded, leave out a fruit tray with oranges, cantaloupe and blackberries and add some raisins, which are a good source of iron.

•Top it all off with TruMoo Chocolate Milk – a great way to be sure the kiddos are getting a good source of the nutrients they need!

Happy Halloween from TruMoo – a truly good thing®.


  • Hallelujah! I ndeeed this—you're my savior.

    Posted by Patty, 13/11/2011 10:45am (2 years ago)

  • Thanks for taking the time to leave us your comments – we truly appreciate your feedback! Hopefully we can help answer a few questions.

    David, if you could leave us your ZIP code, we can look into why coupons are coming up unavailable in your area.

    Lori, have you tried our Store Locator tab at the top of our navigation bar? Enter your ZIP code to find retailers near you. We hope this helps!

    Joseph, MilkPEP (the Milk Processor Education Program who developed "Got Milk?") has brought the fun spirit of chocolate milk to life during Halloween and dubbed this tasty drink the Official Drink of Halloween. This is the sixth year in a row of doing so. We think it's pretty sweet!

    Thanks again, everyone!

    Posted by TruMooMilk, 09/11/2011 10:24pm (2 years ago)

  • I wasn't able to get a coupon; the following message popped up: "Sorry, we are currently out of prints.

    This coupon is no longer available."

    Posted by David, 27/10/2011 9:53pm (2 years ago)

  • I have looked fr your trumoo chocolate milk and cannot find it in my area (Bryan/College Station) Texas. Would love to use my coupons thanks

    Posted by Lori Denman, 26/10/2011 2:09pm (2 years ago)

  • I just wanted to share that I drank TruMoo Milk for the first time due to the fact that local store only had your brand in a small bottle. However, ever since this I have been buying it instead of regular milk, My family loves it and so do I. Thank you

    Posted by Crystal Riner, 25/10/2011 3:53pm (2 years ago)

  • Who determines this to be the "official" drink for Halloween? Is there some kind of licensing authority for this and how may I contact them?

    Posted by Joseph Hammond, 25/10/2011 2:08pm (2 years ago)

  • Like the ideas for "healthified" holiday eating. Sometimes those little things really can add up! My daughter had a friend that did not like veggies. He just doesn't know that I just put them in the blender!

    Posted by Mary, 25/10/2011 1:11pm (2 years ago)

  • Pretty cool!

    Posted by Mary Ann Alioto, 25/10/2011 12:53pm (2 years ago)

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